Welcome to
CAGE Counseling Services

At CAGE Counseling Services, our approach to therapy is founded on a commitment to fostering personal growth, resilience, and positive change. We believe in the inherent strength and potential of each individual. 

Our experienced therapists are grounded in a client-centered approach and specialize in areas such as anxiety, depression, trauma, and relationship issues for individuals of all ages, from children and adolescents to adults and families. 

By fostering collaboration, empathy, and growth, we aim to inspire hope and transform lives, creating a world where mental health is prioritized and celebrated. 


Our Purpose

To offer compassionate and impactful mental health services to individuals, couples, and families, enabling them to cultivate resilience, strengthen relationships, and embrace fulfilling lives.

Our Mission

To inspire hope and facilitate transformation. Whether you are navigating personal struggles, seeking self-discovery, or striving for personal growth, our team is here to support you with open hearts and unwavering dedication. 

Our Vision

To be a leading force in destigmatizing mental health and promoting emotional well-being within our community. We aspire to pioneer innovative approaches to therapy and counseling, leveraging evidence-based practices and cutting-edge technology to ensure accessibility and effectiveness.