Things to consider before scheduling your appointment

We ask that if you are seeking services with our practice, please complete the New Client Interest Form below and you will receive a response back within two business days. 


Please consider the following before completing the New Client Interest Form.

⬜If you are requesting couples counseling both parties will need to complete a profile and intake paperwork. We also do not bill insurance for couples counseling.

⬜If you are seeking services for divorce or custody issues, we are NOT child custody evaluators and we do NOT address divorce proceedings.

⬜If you are in crisis, in need of immediate/urgent care, or are currently considering suicide, please call your local hospital or 988. 

⬜If you are using EAP (Employee Assistance Program), Medicaid, or Medicare, we are NOT currently accepting new clients at this time. 

⬜If you have more than one insurance policy (one will be primary and one will be secondary) we are NOT able to accept secondary insurance at this time. Please advise our staff before you schedule an appointment. 

⬜If you are interested in seeing one of our therapists and you have a family member who is currently seeing (or previously saw) the same clinician, please let us know before scheduling.

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